Throughout history those who were richer helped those less fortunate, those more healthy helped those who were less. And this is the kind of message that we as a charity organization are trying to convey globally since 1923, empowering & encouraging people all across the globe!

  • The new addition totaled 47,000 sq.ft. and renovations encompassed approximately 10,000 sq.ft.
  • Renovation of the Radiology Department
  • Four new (4) labor and delivery rooms
  • Twelve (12) new patient rooms
  • New emergency room complex with eight emergency examining rooms, two trauma rooms, and auxiliary areas
  • Heated sidewalks, driveways, and receiving dock

While humanity indeed made a huge breakthrough in improving all fields of our life, still even in the digital age hundreds of millions of people struggle with things as basic as freedom, food, water & healthcare. As a part of a relief group sent to help internally displaced people after the Russia attacked Ukraine, I was shocked. Shocked by the poverty, corruption in the military and the technological leeway. Luckily we did our part to make it better…

When it was succeeded by the United Nations, we’ve carried on with our work. Every year we help millions!

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